Website cost calculator

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Website cost calculator

Welcome to the website cost calculator. Here you can online calculate cost of establishing site. Our calculator is completely interactive and you can add or exclude the right components thereby forming a unique site.

Drawing up a technical task costs 20.00 , in the future when ordering a site this amount is refunded to the client.

In which currency should prices be displayed?

Type of site

Let's first define what purpose you need a website and select the corresponding type. Depending on the choice, they will choose the appropriate modules. Modules can be added or deleted later. All our sites are based on Pedanto CMS base and have the admin panel.


Module selection

Modules allow you to extend the functionality of your site. Depending on the type of site selected the appropriate modules. However, even on site-business card no one bothers to install a blog or a product catalog.


Site design

Now you need to decide what type of design we will use. It can be as simple no-frills design and corporate identity, which will give your site unique. We only work with adaptive layout that will allow your site to look great on any device!


Site support

Creating site - is only the beginning. It should be filled and developed. This can be done by yourself or entrust the work to professionals.
The cost of works is indicated for projects of basic complexity. Depending on the degree of complexity of the business, the amount of the calculation can be higher up to three times.


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