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Brief about pedanto

We are making quality sites based on own CMS.

Pedanto CMS - is a powerful tool for creating high-end sites, ranging from business sites ending with e-stores.

Own CMS ensures high performance and protection of the site. In addition, it is solid! It is unlikely that you will find at least one prestigious site on Joomla, or other free CMS.

Modules can always expand the functionality of your site. Any new module will be done in a matter of hours.

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Adaptive websites, based on pedanto cms

Benefits of pedanto

Fast CMS

The maximum number of queries to the database doesn’t exceed 30, and page load speed is 1.5 seconds, on average.

Work under the contract

We are responsible for the quality of the sites. We draw up the terms of reference and the signing of a contract specifying deadlines.

SEO optimization

In top search All of our sites are developed with an emphasis on SEO optimization. This allows the site to be always in search results.

Multilingual sites

Pedanto CMS is designed for different languages. We can easily create a website on three or more languages with user-friendly controls.

Bootstrap Adaptive

Using the technology of Twitter bootstrap your website will be displayed beautifully on both PC and mobile platforms.

Admin Panel 3.0

Very intuitive and easy to use admin interface. Even a child can manage the site. Completely adaptive design width Bootstrap technology.

Adaptive layout

Adaptive layout

Nowadays just a beautiful site doesn’t surprise anyone, but that is the same site looks good on mobile and PC is worth a lot.

Thanks to the Twitter Bootstrap 3 technology, we will create an adaptive online store or online business corporative web site. Any client will go with any device on your site, it will always feel comfortable.

Logo creation

In addition to creating websites directly. Pedanto Studio creates logos, banners, business cards and posters. In just a few years in the field of WEB design, we learned how to do them nicely and efficiently.

Creating a corporate identity

Corporate identity #1
Corporate identity #2
Corporate identity #3
Corporate identity #4

Good design - it's not just a picture. You must be able to create brand! Kisel GYM is one of our best works in this direction. We have developed not only the logo, but also a series of banners, invitations, business cards and posters.

Site transfer to a new cms

Site transfer to a new cms

Pedanto studio makes transfer of sites from any CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, etc.) to the new Pedanto CMS. At the same time, we ensure the safety of traffic and create a redirect from the old pages to avoid errors 404.

In addition, if your old CMS had duplicates pages, the transfer is correct and improve SEO site optimization!

Interface of admin panel 3.0

User-friendly CMS admin panel

Our admin panel not only looks beautiful, but also easy to use. Unlike any other CMS system, it is easy to understand.

Built-in visual editor will help you arrange any section, or publication on the website.

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